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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2012 12:00am-12:30am PDT

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>> we would please ask so that we can proceed as efficiently as possible. -- we would please ask that you take secondary conversations outside so that we can proceed as efficiently as possible. unless otherwise announced, each person will have three minutes for public comment on each item. please address your comments to the item being heard. if you would like to speak under general public comment, those are items 4 and 11 on the edge
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of a peer lastly, in order to allow equal time for all, neither the commission or staff %?yu% closed. we are an item two, president's report. >> thank you. i will be brief. first and foremost, item nine has been pulled from the calendar. anyone here for item 9, it will not be heard. there is no longer an appeal. just a couple of items.
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first, i want to thank the rec and park staff for all the work that has gone into making the marina ready for the america's cup races. i think that this is the first time such an event will be seen from shore, and there was a lot of coordinating to do and a lot of demands made of staff to make this happen. i know that firsthand, and i want to congratulate you on that front. i want to remind everyone that we now have a designation, proposition b, park bond issue that will be on the november ballot. it will affect every neighborhood and improve every neighborhood in one fashion or another. we are looking for support and volunteers, fans, and so let us know if you would like to help us get that bond past. another congratulations to the staff. genuinely, more people stop me to tell me how much their children are enjoying the summer camps this year. whatever you are doing out there, you are making a lot of parents very happy and a lot of kids very, very happy. with that, that will conclude my brief remarks, and i will move on with the agenda. >> is there public comment on
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this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. we are on item 3, the general managers' report. >> thank you, commissioners. this saturday at 11:00 in the morning, our department invites all of you and the public to balboa park for a celebration event marking the completion of a $3.5 million renovation. the trust for public land has proven to be an incredible partner of ours, helping to renovate and revitalize three parks in our city. the next big milestone will be both decker playground in the tenderloin -- bo decker playground. i invite everyone out this saturday to cut a ribbon and help celebrate. sunday, august 26, ping-pong --
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as part of sunday street in chinatown, the city and chinatown community will host the second annual chinatown ping-pong tournament. those of you who consider yourselves experts or those of you who are, like me -- can put your skills to the test. i am a very mediocre ping-pong player. on september 21, we invite everyone to join the san francisco parks alliance and san francisco recreation and park department for a city fund- raiser for our incredible open spaces. guest will enjoy food and drink and the sound of bluegrass. visit for more information. two weeks ago, our natural areas that did a three-day volunteer event in golden gate park. over the weekend, 200 volunteers billed nearly half a mile of new
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trails -- built nearly half a mile of new trails. it was a hugely successful event that illustrates the value partnership in our parks. for those of you who do not know, it is one of the only truly native developed areas in the golden gate park. as you know, golden gate park was built primarily on sand dunes. yet, woodlands are an original part of san francisco. as you probably also know, it is home to our courts and what has been a challenge for the department in activating the area and keeping it safe. the new system has -- the new trail system has already been frequented by walkers, joggers, strollers. it is really incredible, and it has had a significant effect in keeping that area of the park safe. i was there this morning on my
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warning -- my morning run through the park. not a piece of inappropriate behavior to be found. instead, lots of people using the new trail. congratulations to all of the volunteers that participated in the project. thank you for the positive feedback, mr. president, on our summer day camps. last week marked the end of another successful summer. we offered a total of 71 day camps. our numbers continue to grow, which is the direct result of a lot of planning and hard work by staff and a focus on providing new, exciting, cutting edge programs. we had over 13,000 registrations this summer, which meant 80% of our available slots. we provided 949 scholarships this summer, equal to about $625,000 worth of free programming. one more summer highlight coming right around the corner -- our
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camp mather teen experience. apart and issues that everyone, regardless of ability to pay, has the same experience. in northwest community apart -- response network, to host experience. this unique opportunity provides approximately 40 of the city's most vulnerable youth the chance to connect with nature, learn new skills, establish productive relationships and it in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. we did this last year and had approximately 40 participants. 10 of those participants are currently working in some capacity. as some of you may know, this
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past weekend, we held a little concert in the park called outside lands. >> good morning, commissioners. director property management for the department. as the general manager mentioned, we did have the outside festival this weekend in golden gate park. the second straight year that the event has sold out. over 195,000 visitors came to see our park looking absolutely fantastic this weekend. i will not bury the lead -- the great news is that the department will be receiving over $1,720,000 in grants for this event this year. that is over $270,000 more than we received last year. it is really a tribute, i think, to the effort that our partner
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has done in building a successful event. there were a few years i think it took to build the event to where we are at the point where it sells out each year, but that is certainly our hope, that moving forward it will be as popular as it was this year. on the community side, we have had a number of conversations with community members building up to the event. very happy to say that the phone calls that we received through the community hot line are significantly less than they were last year. we receive less than 50% of the sound complaints this year that we did last year. again, i think that is a testament to the constant revisions we have made each year to the sound system and also to the outreach that we have done with the community to let them know about this event, set expectations for what is coming, and how we can best get
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them on our parks, on the park's, and the polo fields. they are back. most of the equipment is out of the park. the water has been turned on. our initial report is that everything is looking good. it will take time for some of the yellow grass to grow, but there is no significant damage to the park, and we are very excited for a week or two abreast and having our meadows looking as great as they always do. with that said, i would like to turn it over to talk about some of the new elements of the festival and some of the more popular elements in this hi, c. i know some of you came up to the festival this weekend, and i hope you enjoy yourselves. it was a very successful year. for the first time in the history of the festival, we sold
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out in advance. we sold out last year at the door, and this year, we sold out a week in advance, which we were excited about. everything went very smoothly. that is a testament to obviously our staff, but also working very closely with rec and park and their staff. they did a fantastic job, and i feel like we are in a good place and work environment together. i want to give you a little quote that came out this week in "rolling stone" magazine -- " more than a cookie cutter rock festival. it takes advantage by pointedly celebrating all that is the bay area. it is a strategy that makes the event, now in its 50th year, stand apart from any other festival in its class. two of the three headliners' lived a short distance from san
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francisco -- two of the three headliners live a short distance from san francisco, while most of the beer and wine were locally sourced." it is really nice to see the recognition with that aspect of the festival. highlights this year -- always the music, but i think for me, stevie wonder ending the festival was really a joyous and sublime event in the park. people singing and dancing along with stevie wonder. everyone who left the park that night was grinning ear to ear, spontaneously breaking into song as they left the park. as in years past, up to 25% of the artists that were in the festival were local, which we are excited about. we had 60 local restaurants this year. that is 98% of the restaurant on
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site or local. we had a local chocolate maker curate that area, and those were all local restaurants, including candy bar, and i'm not sure of all the other ones. we had 36 wineries all from california, curator by peter eastlake. we added a beer land this year, 16 microbreweries all from california, and 200% were from san francisco proper, which was no easy feat to find -- 25% were from san francisco proper. finally, we've brought back the bari, -- the barbary, a 100- year-old belgian tent.
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i do not know if you all got to check it out, but it is beautiful. we focus on, be there this year, and we worked with sf sketch fest, a local comedy producer, to curate that, and they did a wonderful job. we are looking at getting a bigger tent for next year. finally, with the art, we hired juxtapose, a local arts organization, and they did most of the art for us. this year, we are giving more than $1.72 million to separate cisco's recreation and park department -- to san francisco's recreation and parks department. in the five years we have done the event, that is over $5 million we have given, and we are very proud to be able to say that. i do not know if i have officially told you, but i
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believe you do know we did an economic impact report last year. what we learned was on last year's event -- and we expect it to be more this year -- we brought in over $60 million to the san francisco economy with hotels and transportation, restaurants, and what not. in closing, i want to show some pictures from the festival. i will pass them around quickly so you can take a look. hopefully it captures a little bit of the festival. right here, this is the polo field. stevie wonder had the biggest audience of the weekend. it is truly a multi-generational
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festival. >> can you come to the mike so people can hear you? >> it is a multi-generational festival. it has always been, but we had kids in their teens up to people in their 50's and 60's in joining the festival -- enjoyinggm ++ hands and
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people walking through the festival singing during his set. this is literally a matter of -- this is linley meadow, and those are some happy faces near the stage. now i know how vanna white feels. these are some happy faces in the crowd right here. i'm not sure what year this could have been. it could have been this year. [laughter] >> [inaudible] people from woodstock. >> some young, happy faces. that sums it up. it was a celebration, and people were just grinning ear to ear all weekend. composting and recycling and waste a version is a big part of
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our festival. last year, i believe we had a 77% waste diversion rate, and we expect to beat that this year. people in front of the store, if they collect bottles or debris, we give them tickets to coming up concerts', merchandise from the festival -- we really encourage people to pick up around them and leave only footprints -- tickets to a coming-out concerts' -- tickets to coming-up concerts, merchandise from the festival. finally, another shot from the main stage while beck was playing. one thing we would change is a lot more sun. everyone was bundled up, wearing jackets, wrapped in blankets.
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but this is a shot of the main stage. thank you all for all your support. we look forward to next year. [applause] commissioner buell: thank you. >> thank you. i just wanted to know how much personal time and attention the entire another planet give to the details of the festival, and their concern for -- obviously, this is a festival that has a big impact. it is a big concert in golden gate park. all throughout the weekend, they were in constant touch with us as issues arose, problem solving. they were responsive. whenever possible, they made shifts on the fly in the name of
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mitigation to community impact. this has become an incredible, iconic event. we are always mindful of the fact that there is neighborhood impact of the event. the planning for this is year round, and every year, we continue to focus and learn lessons from what worked and what we can improve on the prior year, and we work to do that in the subsequent year. by the way, my favorite booth was a pop up restaurant called outside lamb. [laughter] i wanted to just again thank another planet for a great weekend. now we have this month in parks where you might get to see a little bit of outside lands, if
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i am predicting correctly, and that would conclude the general managers report -- the general manager's report. ♪ [cheering and applause] ♪ >> we are the 2012 junior the
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giants summer league. it gives kids an opportunity not just to learn about baseball, but also, the education component. >> we have games going on on all the fields, and it gives a sense of community, and the players get the chance to know each other. ♪
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>> [inaudible] make sure that all of our children have healthy, fun things to do. [applause] ♪
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[applause] >> and that concludes the general manager's report. thank you. >> we do have public comment on this item. >> i would like to pass these out to the commissioner's pleas. they are my report on the festival. every year, the park preservation alliance does a report from the viewpoint of
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protection and other relevant issues. i would like to remind everyone that the reason this is held in the park is because it is a park and that there are trees, and trees need protection. i like to refer you to this first page of photographs. i do not think i have time to put them on the overhead, so if people want a copy of this, they can contact us at on pre-concert setup, and entire grove -- an entire grove of trees was taken up by trucks. let's get the vehicles out from under the trees. trees were routinely parked next to the trees on top of sensitive root areas. a camper was parked in the
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park, and it looked very much like someone was living there. i think you need to check the permit. a tour through the concert site showed that the interior forest was used for vehicles, and pads were pretty much ground -- paths were pretty much ground to dust. there is some good news -- airways were built into the concert area, which is an excellent idea for protecting vegetation. i would say from the number of food and vendor booths one could conclude that the opportunities for income might come as much from vendor sales as ticket sales, and with all due respect, i think you might need to check into it and the next time you negotiate a contract, you might find out more about that. you will see that the polo field, which is newly renovated, is very brown.
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i hope it recovers quickly. page six, unfortunately, there were not adequate porta-potti -- port-a-potties and people decided to use the back of the woods as a urinal. i think that needs to be regulated. the needs to be somebody there to make sure this kind of behavior does not take place. recycling efforts were good, but there was smoking, so there is a little bit of a disconnect between park policy. we ran into park goers, who said all the restaurants in the park were locked, and they were not allowed to get into the porta- potty. these were elderly people walking their dog. commissioner buell: thank you. >> is there any other public
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comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner buell: let me ask some commissioners about this. commissioner bonilla? commissioner bonilla: i attended the sunday concert mostly to go listen to stevie wonder, and when i sat there, i was just really impressed with how orderly everything was. i sat on the bleachers. i just looked at the whole field, and people were just really, totally into the music. i was so impressed at how many people of different ages knew all the words to all the stevie wonder songs. that was definitely true. as i sat there, i could not help but feel that the concert, even
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though there were massive numbers of people there, that it felt just like -- it felt like an intimate, outdoor family picnic. that is actually the feeling i got sitting there because it was just so orderly. people getting into the music. so i really want to congratulate the staff of another planet for just doing such a fantastic job to create that kind of feeling. commissioner arata: i want to say thank you to another planet. there was great signage.


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